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Shafiq Akbar

Shafiq Akbar

Chairman & CEO
Imarat Group, Propsure &

Shafiq Akbar, the Chairman of IMARAT Group and CEO of, stands as a beacon of visionary leadership within the Pakistani real estate and technology sectors. A graduate of Cambridge University, Akbar has honed his expertise in both academia and practical application, leveraging his knowledge to transform the landscape of Pakistani real estate.

Under his guidance, Shafiq Akbar has led a consortium of four prominent real estate and technology brands, pioneering innovative solutions to address the evolving needs of the industry. His visionary initiatives, such as the digitization of Pakistan's Land Information Management System and the development of four prestigious Marriott International hotels, have not only garnered global recognition but have also reshaped the real estate landscape of Pakistan.

Shafiq Akbar's commitment to excellence extends beyond mere business endeavors. He serves as a catalyst for socio-economic advancement, forging strategic partnerships with government bodies, academia, and media outlets. Through these collaborations, Akbar has played an instrumental role in driving Pakistan's real estate sector towards global prominence, fostering economic growth and prosperity.

With his distinguished career and transformative contributions, Shafiq Akbar continues to redefine the boundaries of Pakistani real estate, offering unparalleled expertise and strategic vision to propel the industry into a new era of innovation and success.