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Dr. Prof. Derek Woodgate

Dr. Prof. Derek Woodgate

President & Chief Futurist of The Futures Lab & Head of the World Futures Studies Federation
UNESCO Committee
United States Future of Living Summit

Dr. Woodgate's company specializes in creating future potential for corporations and institutions and has consulted for over 170 corporate clients, governments, associations, city, and regional management, and universities. ( 

Dr. Woodgate has a BA (Hons) from UCL, an MS in Political Economics. and a Dr. Philos. from the University of Agder, Norway, in Engineering and Science. He is a frequent keynote, commentator, author and practitioner on futures-related topics.

His work and books deal with progressive culture and future technologies, transformative societies and intelligent environments, human development, decentralized thinking, knowledge systems, transdisciplinary education, and the changing workplace.