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Abbas Hashmi

Abbas Hashmi

Chief Strategy Officer - Family Office, BAM Companies & former VP
Goldman Sachs
United States RIIF

Abbas Hashmi is a leading voice in family office strategy and wealth management platform growth, focusing on client experience, capital raising, and governance. Born and raised in Saudi Arabia, he now lives in New York. He brings a unique international perspective after leading global teams across nine countries, skillfully navigating cultural nuances to manage international family offices and ultra-high-net-worth (UHNW) families. 

Known for bridging the buy and sell sides of the investment world, Abbas has contributed to Forbes on topics such as family businesses, next-gen trends, and wealth management. He has managed international high-net-worth (HNW) investors, hosted global investor meetings and roadshows, and is frequently invited to speak at prestigious conferences as a thought leader. Abbas currently leads strategic initiatives for BAM Companies, a family-owned business in Indiana. Prior to this, he was instrumental in driving strategic launches and growth functions within the Goldman Sachs Asset & Wealth Management division in New York. 

His strategic leadership played a pivotal role in the division's significant growth, a testament to his business acumen and ability to drive results. Abbas is a passionate AI advocate who champions technology, data analytics, behavioral finance, and digital innovation to streamline capital-raising. He specializes in simplifying tactics for introverted capital raisers and founders, employing data-driven strategies to address the complexities of investment engagements. His experience as a speaker at international conferences provides a unique platform to share innovative perspectives with global audiences. With a pragmatic approach to real estate and wealth management, Abbas offers fresh insights and remains a thought leader in developing growth strategies for wealth management and private equity real estate platforms.